West Cornwall, Connecticut

London & London are the slime of the attorney community. They are a small family owned business specializing, in their own words "By engaging in skip tracing and asset locating, and by obtaining bank, property, and wage executions, our collections staff diligently pursues judgments and helps our clients realize the maximum return possible on delinquent credits."

Despite my very detailed description of my financial situation, (facing foreclosure, can't buy my insulin, no bank balances, electricity to be shut off, and no income except SS, they continued to call me and threaten litigation with anger in their voices.

And despite being classified "Uncollectible" by the IRS, London & London filed suit against me to collect against credit card debt they bought. I cooperated fully with L&L and offered any documentation they might need, to absolutely no avail. If you look up outstanding litigation by this firm in CT, you will find 100's of cases similar to mine . They are simply "debt buyers" and they use every tactic to collect anything they can despite the individual circumstances.

It is not that I don't want to pay, however, I cannot pay at this point. They are debt collection thugs.

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New Haven, Connecticut, United States #1317214

you have to love lawyers that don't know collection laws and waste their time and money to file small claims on people that are judgement proof a lawyer with any smarts would check assets first and then file, but these dummies file first and then find out they wasted money on a person that's judgement proof, when they come after any of your money or property just file your exemptions and laugh at em

Middletown, Connecticut, United States #1204125

They don't want your documentation. They want your money.

They can't take money in your account that comes from social security, so they harass you.

I'm not an attorney, so don't listen to me, get advice from an attorney, but what I would do is write a letter telling them to communicate through the mail only, that the phone calls are adversely affecting your health. Keep a copy of the letter and also documentation that you sent and they received the letter. They can't call you then, and if they do you can fill a federal complaint against them.

They hate that.

File bankruptcy if you can and clear those debts. If you can't wait out the debt which is ten years and then they can't collect it.

If they try a garnishment anyway, fight it. They are not supposed to take any SS money or assets under $1,000 but they will try.

There are legal papers to file sent to you by the bank. File them, and you should get your money back if your assets are as described. You will also get the Marshall's fee back ($150 for those bastards) and you'll have to fight your bank for their outrageous fee (another $150 dollars) so this is truly the battle against the poor. They don't wan't to go to court over something they know they will lose, so they'll just stipulate to the facts.

Make sure however, they send you a copy of all that paperwork, (they are supposed to) and that the court date is cancelled. But if you don't get a notice that the court date is cancelled go anyway.

Try to reopen the judgement and make them go back to court to force them to take very small payments due to your financial situation. If you are that poor, then you can file papers with the court to say so and you can reopen the case for free.

All these forms are online.

Once you are at court negotiate for a $10 payment a month. They won't like it, and they'll press you for more, but hang tight. Make them work hard for their money.

While this won't help the original guy who made the complaint it could help others. There are laws on the books that help the poor. Use them.

Also there are new programs in place for the poor on SS to get help with their insurance premiums and there is a special one for people from the state that will help fill in the gaps for you. Call SS to get an application and check the state website for income guideline information.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1105033

they are scumbags and Russell is the biggest ***

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